While his title has changed, episode 10 of season 7 of “Arrow” got a new teaser, longer than the previous ones and in which Oliver Queen change his way of administering justice. ATTENTION – If the teaser above does not pose problems, the next few lines contain spoilers, to the extent that they will come back on one of the revelations of the season 7 of “Arrow”. So please pass your way if you are not up to date. And you turn to Netflix, which has all the episodes aired to date. The CW was originally intended to be called “Shattered Lives” (“shattered Lives”). But to believe in the new teaser unveiled by the CW, the episode 10 of season 7, Arrow now has the title “My Name is Emiko Queen” (“My name is Emiko Queen”), a sign that the series is not going to take a long time to get back on the revelation pre-crossover, namely that the mysterious archer green, which officiates in Star City, in parallel of the hero is none other than… his half-sister. A character on which we should learn a little bit more, even if it is not in the heart of the new teaser, which prefers to insist on the return of Oliver Queen, fresh out of prison, and announces the color. Now all that remains is to wait patiently to discover the obstacles that stand in his way, and the way in which the flashforwards introduced this season, will advance the plot, as the show will be back on the CW on Monday, January 21.

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